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Try our free web based lite-weight app now has a free web-based application which can be installed very quickly and easily. It is lightweight and takes up very little space on your device. It is full of features as is the website. It has facebook search and can convert videos to mp4 as well as mp3. This is a very good application, it will never need any updates, because it will update automatically when our website is updated. Give it a try, it works best on Android and Windows devices, all it takes is you have to have Chrome installed on your device.

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If this button does nothing for you, try looking at the browser menu for the "Add to Home Screen" option. Some browsers hide it in a submenu. Some Apple-made devices like iOS and iPhone don't allow the browser to add apps to the home screen, except for the Safari browser, and even there you need to press Share and find it as one of the displayed options. Lastly, check the app not only on the Home screen of your device but also in the Your Apps section, some devices install our web app there instead of the normal Home Screen. Still not helping? Then try our custom bookmarklet which also helps speed things up a bit. Read more below.

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The button below is essentially a bookmark, it has some javascript code. When you press this button (from your Bookmarks), it copies URL of the page you are on, and sends you to, while sending that video page URL along with you. So you skip several steps: no need to copy / paste URL and press the GO button, all is done for you with our awesome bookmarklet. If you try click it now, - nothing will happen. Drag it to your bookmarks section in browser, and work it from there, you'll see the process..

Use browser addon extension for faster access to video download options. Copy this button to bookmarks, it will save time..